Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Six Essential Leadership Skills

For Inuit, Métis and First Nation Youth

At the end of the 5-Day Leadership Training Program, participants should show increased competency in the following leadership skills.

Pride in Culture and Ancestry

  • Knows the basic values and teachings
  • Knows the key aspects of history and contribution
  • Shares cultural information with others

A Team-Builder and Team Player

  • Understands differences in leadership style
  • Understands how to influence people and rally them around an idea
  • Able to instill a positive WECAN attitude in othersAble to receive feedback from others and give them quality feedback in return

Models Healthy Equal Relationships

  • Knows the attitudes and behaviors that make relationships unhealthy/healthy
  • Understands the cycle of violenceKnows what to do if a relationship becomes unhealthy
  • Understands the importance of sending a positive message to youth about healthy relationships

Conflict Resolution Skills

  • Knows the attitudes and behaviours that escalate conflict
  • Understands the role of a peacebuilderKnows steps in problem-solving
  • Able to express when needs are not being met

Communications Skills

  • Expresses thoughts and feelings clearly
  • Knows how to give a presentation
  • Knows how to use expressive arts to engage an audience

Action Planning Skills

  • Knows how to assess needs

  • Knows how to brainstorm to generate ideas

  • Knows how to set goals and create a plan

  • Able to shift gears when things are not working

  • Able to identify useful community resources to support plans